Management Science Workshops


3-Days Workshop on
Integrated Approach to Business Research
For Students of MS/M.Phil


Today higher education Higher education is being driven by research activities, with more and more attention and resources being diverted towards quality research, the need to research have never been strong for university students. For this very reason a workshop was held for MS/M.Phil students where they could learn the basic and medium level techniques on how to carry out their research project, with specific focus on the wide ranging quantitative techniques that form an essential part of the final dissertation. 


  • To learn mechanics of writing a Research Proposal with special emphases on the following:
  • Identification & formulation of statement of the problem and generating research question (s).
  • Developing a detailed understanding on writing a critical review from the related literature.
  • Formulating research hypotheses through conceptual mapping and establishing its relationship to the data analysis.
  • Enhancing capacity building amongst researcher in quantitative data analyses through SPSS hands-on-training
  • Develop an understanding on how to format a research report


Resource Persons:

  • Dr. Qadar Bakhsh Baloch Director Higher studies & Research , Islamia College University, Peshawar
  • Dr Sareer Badshah, Chairman, Department of Statistics, Islamia College University Peshawar
  • Mr. Khawaja Fawad Latif (Lecturer, City University of Science and Information Technology)
  • Mr. Aamir Nadeem (Assistant Professor, City University of Science and Information Technology)
  • Session Coordinator: Mr. Muhammad Usman Haider, PhD Research Scholar, Abasyn University, Peshawar. 



Resource Person(s)


Writing a Research Proposal

Dr Qadar Bakhsh Baloch

Aamir Nadeem

Fawad Lateef


Formulation of research Question and developing a statement of a problem:

Literature Review

Aamir Nadeem


Conceptual Mapping

The Concept of Hypotheses

Concept of Scales of Measurement

Classification of Variables

Aamir Nadeem and Fawad Latif


Overview: Data Analysis, Interpretation and Discussion

Statistical Package for Social Scientists (SPSS)

Dr Sareer Badshah

Muhammad Usman

Fawad Latef


Refreshing about Variables

Descriptive Statistics

Muhammad Usman and Fawad Latif



Techniques to Compare Groups

Fawad Latif


Techniques to Explore Relationship

  • ·Correlation
  • ·Regression

Fawad Latif


Non Parametric Tests

Fawad Latif


Writing a Research Report

Structuring the Research Report

Dr. Qadar Bakhsh Baloch