JABS Message of Chief Editor

Dated: 2015-10-28

It is indeed an honour to be founding Chief Editor of a newly launched research journal, ‘ Journal of Administrative and Business Sciences (JABS)’ belonging to a great and historic seat of learning renowned with its 100 year of academic pursuit- Islamia College (chartered University) Peshawar, Pakistan.

Journal of Administrative and Business Sciences (JABS) is a double peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary research journal of international outlook, which publishes papers of an empirical or conceptual nature as well as literature reviews of a cross disciplinary nature, JABS provides a platform for academicians, business professionals,  and administrators scholarly works of intellectual and professional concerns on both theoretical and practical issues in the areas of business and public administration, human resource management, finance, economics, marketing, health and education management, human and organizational psychology, corporate governance and Corporate social responsibility. Being multidisciplinary in scope and interdisciplinary in contents, JABS seeks to publish innovative, impactful and cutting edge research that breaks the rules of thumb and sets new grounds in the real world of business management and administrative sciences. 

Editorial Board of the JABS believes on maintaining productive and positive relationship with the society without any form of discriminations and prejudices therefore, we are always receptive and responsive to the valuable advice and suggestions put forward by the Society in general and JABS readers’ community in particular. It is our conviction that working together with the academia, business professionals, public and private administrators, researchers and prospective authors is a base line to enhance the quality of our journal and to expand its national and international reach and readership.

Having firm belief that Open Access of any research initiative carries inbuilt benefits to science and society alike, the JABS online publishing( besides its print version) will open up exciting opportunities beyond traditional modes of journal navigation.  JABS on line mode aims to optimize readership, citation, submissions, and review process with round the clock global accessibility of quality material amidst the growing morass of online research.


To realize and surpass its aspirations of global reach, the JABS is seeking partnership with quality publishers of international repute that help to transform the journal, widen its scholarly research and maximize its impact. And to cherish this goal at the outset of its launching, the JABS is in communication with a large number of publishers renowned with international abstracting and indexing in this regard. 


To make the JABS self-sustained in resources the editorial board we also look for Corporate Sponsorships that subsidize all or part of operating expenses, often in exchange for sponsor recognition. The JABS also aspires Co-hosting of Scholarly conferences of national and international in scope with the like minded educational institutions, research organizations or social group across its readership.


With this all preview of the JABS I ask you to support this initiative by publishing your scholarly papers it.




Dr Qadar Bakhsh Baloch
Chief Editor JABS

(A Research Initiative of Department of Management Sciences, Islamia College (Chartered University) Peshawar, Pakistan.)

Dr Qadar Bakhsh Baloch

Chief Editor JABS




(A Research Initiative of Department of Management Sciences,

Islamia College (Chartered University) Peshawar, Pakistan.