Objective and Marketability


The Department of Zoology Islamia College works for quality education in the field of Life Sciences and Animal Sciences research, in order to contribute to human resource development of Pakistan. The Department also works for understanding the basic mechanism of different diseases caused by exposure to hazardous substances in population of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). The Department aimed to test the quality of drinking water as well as the water quality of different rivers and streams and its effects on aquatic fauna in KP.   We aim to deliver the basic and applied knowledge to our students and make them capable to face the challenges for job seeking in highly competent environment. We would like to further expend the circle of our applied research toward the field of Cancer Biology and Neurodegeneration disorders in near future.


Department of Zoology is producing very competent graduates every year who are having high capacity to perform their duties in academics and other government sectors. Most of our graduates like to join their duties in the field of teaching at universities, colleges and schools in public and private sector institutions. Our MPhil and PhD graduates can get jobs in wild life
management- livestock and educational sectors of country. On the clinical side, our graduates are having the high potentials to work in Diagnostic Laboratories and Fertility clinics. Being students of zoology they also having potentials to work actively in NGOs focusing on the environmental and conservation issues like WWF, IUCN, Zoological Survey of Pakistan and Natural History Museum.