Project Orientation on CPS and ORIC Automation at Islamia College University, Peshawar

An orientation session on Capacity Planning & ORIC Automation system has been held at Islamia College University, Peshawar (ICP). Worthy Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Habib Ahmad and Worthy Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Zia ul Qayyum University of Gujrat chaired the session. The project is an initiative by HEC on empowering HEIs on Capacity Planning and ORIC Automation. The determinants of effective capacity include several factors such as facilities management, human resource management, financial management, infrastructure and operations. HEC’s CPS & ORIC Automation System can help to extract relevant information from past and ongoing activities that can be used as the basis for programmatic fine-tuning, reorientation and future planning. It will act as catalyst in effective HEIs system based planning, monitoring and evaluation of ORICS.

The session was attended by the Registrar, Deans, Director ORIC, QEC and Director IT of ICU, Peshawar. Worthy Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Habib Ahmad opened the session with a brief introduction, background and passion of university in deploying automation systems. Dr. Zahoor Jaan Director IT gave comprehensive presentation on Islamia College University Peshawar infrastructure with rich historical background, existing systems and IT projects in pipeline. Prof. Dr. Zia ul Qayyum PD of this project briefed the session with a widespread background, introduction, functions and features of ORIC & CPS Automation. Prof. Dr. Zia ul Qayyum further enlightened CPS as a component of Managed Learning Environment (MLE) and how the remaining components viz Higher Education Learning Platform (HELP), Campus Management System, Enterprise Resource Planning complete the ecosystem of MLE. HELP has been already successfully rolled out in five public sector universities. Mr. Tanveer Ahmed Consultant HEC gave the detail presentation on usability, functions, features, technical aspects and challenges. CPS & ORIC automation will complement ICUP existing IT infrastructure while providing aerial view of HEIs through drilling it down to lower level of abstraction. CPS & ORIC Automation System will be deployed in 10 public sector universities viz; Islamia College University Peshawar, UET Lahore, University of Gujrat, Government College University Faisalabad (GCUF), Islamia University BahawalpurUniversity of HaripurInternational Islamic University IslamabadThe University of Sindh JamshoroUniversity of Baluchistan Quetta and NED University of Engineering & Technology Karachi. In concluding remarks, Prof. Dr. Habib Ahmad has applauded the efforts of HEC project team while showing keen interest and passion in deployment of this system and remaining components of MLE.

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