7th International and 16th National Conference
Plant Resources: Current Trends, Challenges and Solutions
March 23 -26, 2018
About Conference

The Conference is jointly organized by Islamia College Peshawar and University of Peshawar. The focus of 7th International and 16th National Conference on Plant Resources: Current Trends, Challenges and Solutions, March 23-26, 2018 is to collect and share the collective wisdom enthusiastic academia in the field of Botany. This will also enhance the research and development capabilities, will provide the chance to share experiences and new scientific information among the scientific community.  This conference consists of plenary lectures by the experts of diverse fields from different parts of the world. Special sessions will be arranged for the specific aspects of plant sciences to achieve the maximum benefits in terms of economy and social sector for our society.

Pakistan is the home of some of the world's leading ecological regions due to immense variation in its wide latitude, spread from gigantic mountain peaks of Karakoram, Hindu Kush and western Himalayas to the coasts of Arabian Sea, which contributes to the overall biodiversity of the country. Unwise economic policies have widened inequalities and forced rural people and others to exploit biodiversity at rates that are no longer sustainable. As a result, processes such as deforestation, overgrazing, soil erosion, salinity and water logging have become major threats to the biodiversity in Pakistan. It is now feared that lacking any conservation measures, country is appearing with the world’s second highest rate of deforestation. The key to protect the biological heritage of Pakistan lies in the involvement of local people and to support competent institutions for the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources. The region not only preserve the precious biodiversity but also provide enormous ecosystem services, supporting livelihood of millions of people by providing food, shelter, medicinal plants and habitat for hunting. So there is a dire need to create awareness and educate the young generation regarding exploitation of the resources, sustainable utilization, conservation and restoration of the degraded habitats.


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