We are pleased to share that the Aga Khan University's network of quality, teaching, and learning is organizing a Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) Conference to be held at the stadium road campus in Karachi on November 27-28, 2019. In order to provide more voice and opportunities to HEIs in Pakistan, this year's conference has been opened up to HEIs. We invite the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan and HEIs to submit abstract(s), paper(s), e-poster(s) and other creative ways, and also participate in the conference. 

The theme of Conf_2019 is Evidencing Teaching Practices for Effective Learning in Higher Education. The conference is aimed at enabling higher education institutions from Asia, Africa and the UK to join in conversations and collaborations on SoTL with one another. We view teaching as a reflective and scholarly endeavor where teaching "becomes a site for inquiry, asking and answering questions about students' learning in ways that can improve one's own [practice] and also advance the larger profession of teaching" (Huber and Hutchings, 2005). SoTL engages individuals in designing, conducting, and publishing research on teaching and learning so as to generate evidence of good practice. It also creates a community of practitioners who benefit from others' scholarship. Ultimately, the goal is to improve student learning outcomes through improved teaching and learning practices in the university.

The sub-themes of the conference are:

Sub-theme I; Evidencing collaborations in teaching for excellence

Sub-theme II: Evidencing innovative teaching, learning and assessment practices

Sub-theme III: Evidencing quality assurance in higher education

you can submit your abstracts by August 26, 2019 www.aku.edu/sotlc

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