One of the assets of Islamia College Peshawar is its Central Library. It is one of the oldest libraries in the province of NWFP, Pakistan and was established in 1913. The library is located on the main road of the campus which is accessible on equal distance from all the departments as well as hostels of the University. It is one of the richest academic libraries in NWFP, containing 90,000 books and 1261 manuscripts. It has a separate building covering an area of about 13000 Sq. ft. The building consists of two big halls and nine adjacent rooms. One hall and four rooms were added to the library in 1972. Recently two separate computer labs for boys and girls have also been allocated.

 The library has the following sections.


It contains all the library collection written in English Language.


Publications written in Urdu Language are kept in this section.


Dictionaries, encyclopedias, maps, atlases, world books, thesaurus and other reference material are kept here.


Newspapers, magazines, journals, newsletters etc. are available for library users in this section.

 Treasure of Literary Gems

The most precious and historical material such as manuscripts, old maps, pictures, script of Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinah, and other old important material, written in various languages i.e. in Arabic, Persian, Pashto, Hindko and Urdu are placed in this section.


This section contains the old record of the College such as student registration forms, gazettes, staff personal files and cash books etc.

 Membership Rules

  • Regular staff and students of the University are eligible for membership. All postgraduate students, researchers can avail reading facility during office hours within the library premises.
  • 20 books to the faculty members are allowed to be issued from the library, which can be retained for three months. Every faculty member has to clear his page before the summer vacation every year.
  • Students of Master Classes can borrow 5 books including 2 textbooks.
  • Students of Degree Classes of the University can borrow 5 books including 2 textbooks.
  • Adhoc employees of the University have to deposit Rs 4000/- as Security fee which is refundable.
  • An intermediate student can borrow 3 books at the most.
  • The students can retain the books for 2 weeks, which can be renewed for a further period of 2 weeks, if so presented on the due date.
  • General and textbooks are issued on first come first serve basis.
  • Library members will submit any book(s) or other material, whenever asked by the library staff.
  • Do not write, underline or mark any book(s). Library book(s) are carefully examined on return and the borrower will be held responsible for any kind of damage.
  • Reference material, CD-ROMs, (original) periodicals, and newspapers will not be issued. They can only be consulted within the library premises.
  • Clearance from library is must both for students and staff members, who intend to leave the university.


  • Rs.1/- per day per book is charged as fine in case of late return of books from the students.
  • Incase of loss or damage to the book, market rates are charged from the borrowers. If the book is not available in the market, triple cost of the book will be charged from the borrower.

Monday to Friday = 8:00 am to 04:00 pm

Disciplinary Rules

  • Silence should be observed in the library.
  • Mobiles should be kept off.
  • Leave your personal belongings such as personal books, bags, and purses etc at the reception counter of the library on your own responsibility. The library disclaims any liability for loss or damage.
  • Seats in the library cannot be reserved.
  • Eating and smoking etc are strictly prohibited within the library premises.
  • Any student/library member if caught mutilating or stealing library materials will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee and membership will be suspended till decision. If a student/library member continues this act, his/her membership will be permanently canceled.
  • Library staff can ask anyone causing disturbance.