Quality Enhancement Cell

Mission: Pursuing Academic Excellence inline with the Islamia College Traditions and Higher Education Commission guidelines.

Vision: Evolving the Quality Enhancement Cell at Islamia College University Peshawar to monitor the implementation of the prevailing Quality Standards and continually strive for further improvement.

Strategy: The Quality Enhancement Cell has been established in Islamia College University with the overall goal to monitor the academic quality in the light of the HEC standards/guidelines and liaise between HEC and Islamia College University Peshawar. This will mainly involve the following;

  • Facilitating the staff in improving their efficiency and productivity through guidance and training programs.
  • Documentation of policy decisions related to academics and Collection, analysis of baseline data/ information to inform policy decisions.
  • Transparency and fairness in all academic transactions.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of academic programs and behaviors of various actors, cataloging the issues and finding solutions.
  • Periodical assessment of the students perception regarding the level of their satisfaction from the instructor, courses and academic environment at large.
  • Academic Audit and progressive improvement in the time management.
  • Feedback to the relevant quarters for deliberation.