Department Introduction / Vision / Mission

The Department of Shariah and Law, Islamia College University was established in 2008 with the up gradation of ICP to a full-fledged university. Department of Sharia & Law was the first law school in the whole of KP to have started a 05 years Law degree program way before even it was made mandatory by Pakistan Bar council PBC through Legal Education Rules 2015. The department received its accreditation from PBC in 2010. There are a total of 9 permanent members of the teaching staff with 06 Assistant Professors and 03 Lecturers along with them the department also has 11 adept and professional lawyers and specialists on visiting basis who are providing their services with immense dedication and professionalism and their list is normally revised each year keeping the need and suitability of the candidate. The department is currently running a two degrees program namely LLB 05 years and LLB Shariah & Law 05 years. The department also possesses the best among the administrative staff working. Department of Shariah & Law has achieved a distinct position in short span of time and due to the hard work of all the staff members it is regarded as one of the best available options for doing law in KP. The department also holds a rich library with local and international books, scripts and other reading materials. As part of our designed curricula the students of final semesters are frequently exposed to court visits which including visits to Supreme Court of Pakistan, High courts and Lower courts. Besides the foregone the department also annually arranges visits to parliament (National Assembly and Senate) of Pakistan and other relevant institutions. Mooting and other co and extra-curricular activities are highly encouraged and frequently arranged by the department for the academic growth of the students. Since the department has to erect this edifice from the scratch therefore it had the chance of designing its courses and scheme of studies with relative liberty, therefore the scheme of studies of the department of Shariah & Law is distinct blend of foundation and advance courses with new and modern insertions and updated approach in incorporating modern statutes. 



The vision of the Department of Shariah and Law, Islamia College University is to become an internationally recognized department of law which plays a vital and unprecedented role in the development of the nation by providing extra ordinary legal awareness, understanding and education. A department which is regarded as a priority choice for all those interested in doing law at bachelor and master levels. 


The Department of Shariah and Law endeavors to achieve academic excellence by making the students embark on an epic journey of academic and intellectual transformation. Beginning from the class room and ending on several workshops and co-curricular courses in collaboration with established and prestigious organization, the students are provided with the best of both theoretical and practical knowledge of the law. From this we hope that our students will eventually reform and transform the whole society into a much better and a much more educated and progressed one. This department aims at making its effort more extrovert than introvert.