About Shariah and Law

Dated: 2015-10-28

Islamia College Peshawar is educating the youth since 1913. This great alma mater has fulfilled the commitment of providing quality education to the people of a poor and backward area.  With the passage of time, the Institution has undergone much transformation. One of these changes was the up gradation of the College into University. Faculty of Shariah and Law is one of the rising faculties of the University.     


The aim of the Faculty of Shariah & Law is:

  • To prepare scholars, who have a grasp of Shariah & Law in general and a command over the area of specialization in particular.
  • To establish a cadre of specialists and professionals in different fields of Shariah & Law who can provide effective leadership in guiding and conducting quality research in various disciplines of Shariah & Law.
  • The Programme is specially designed to provide opportunities of professional growth and development in the field of Shariah & Law.
  • To enhance the capacity to understand comparative study of Shariah & Law, different Islamic schools of Law & western Legal thought.