Centre introduction

Centre for Omic Sciences was established in 2017 by then Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Habib Ahmed (late).

The main objective of the centre was to provide cutting edge facilities in Genetics and Genomics of plants, animals and microbes with specific focus on human health and environment.

Currently, Dr. Muhammad Fahim Associate professor has specific interest in  infectious diseases of plants caused by microbes. His group uses genomics and trascriptomics approaches for identification and classification of such microbes. He has two Funded projects. He has supervised three students for the degree of MPhil Genetics.

Dr. Musharraf Jelani is interested in Rare Disease Genetics and Genomics. His group works on Whole exome  and Sanger Sequencing data analysis for the molecular diagnosis of single gene disorders in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. His group has analyzed 200+ families for whole exome sequencing and six students have completed Mphil Genetics degree in his supervision.

Dr. Muhammad Ishfaq has interest in cancer research. Along with collaboration with Khyber Medical University his group has been working on biomarkers and gene expression profiling of cancers' patients

Dr. Muhammad Ilyas has specific focus on Neurosciences. His group in collaboration with UCL United Kingdom has worked on genomics of genes involved in neurological disorders of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He has two Funded projects.

Dr. Muhammad Tariq research group is unique of analyzing human ancestry through Y chromosome, mitochondrial DNA and whole genome sequencing analysis. His group is designated as molecular anthropology and has applications in forensic sciences.