Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Dated: 2015-10-28

  • Is only one form required for open merit and self-finance?
    • Ans: Yes, single form is required for open, self and quota seats.
  • What is the last date of form submission?
    • Ans: 7th July 2015 is last date of form submission.
  • Can O-levels students apply?
    • Ans: Yes, the O levels students can register themselves by purchasing prospectus and submitting the form at APARO. Their admission will be completed on the quota seats (2boys+2girls) after declaration of their result. Students can submit DMC when result is declared.
  • What should we submit with the application form?
    • Ans: Only DMC is required with the registration form. At the time of interview other documents including domicile, character certificate and two photographs will be required.
  • Are there seats for Arts in Girls College?
    • Ans: No, there are only Pre-Medical and Pre-Engineering seats in Islamia College for Girls.
  • Is there transport facility for Girls?
    • Ans: No, there is no transport facility for females.
  • How many seats are there for Hafize Quran?
    • Ans: There is no seat for Hafize Quran. Hafize Quran will get 20 extra marks if he qualifies test. Marks will be added with original marks. The test is on 08/07/2015.
  • What are the last year merits?
    • Ans: Boys: Pre-Medical 1002, Pre Med Self 973, Pre Engineering 982, Pre Engineering Self 946, Arts 716, Inter Science 822.
    • Girls: Medical 996, Med Self 976, Engineering 963, Engineering Self 947