Transportation Facility

Official transportation may be provided only to the resource persons, keynote speakers and senior Professors (international, national) from and to the airports, bus stations, rail stations and ICP. Please fill the following proforma and send it back to us before 28th February, 2019 to the following email ID  

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If you are arriving Peshawar by public transport or personal vehicles, then you may follow the following routes inside Peshawar to reach to IC

From Haji Camp Adda (Peshawar Bus terminal) to ICP:

Most of the bus or Hiace services coming to Peshawar from other regions have their stops or final stations in or near haji camp adda (Peshawar bus terminal).
You may avail a taxi service or local transport which may come through the assembly building and secretariat and further through the cantonments area into the University road. Through the University road you may directly reach to ICP. However, usually this road is crowded and particularly in schools and offices opening and closing hours you may encounter severe traffic jams.

From Motorway chowk to ICP by personal cars:

By personal vehicles, one route is the same Haji camp adda (Peshawar bus terminal) and University road, but to avoid traffic jams you may also use ring road from southern bypass to siphon canal and then Umar Gul road or direct to Hayatabad and take a round to reach to ICP

From Kohat Adda to ICP:

All those delegates entering KP from southern side will enter Peshawar from Dara Adam khel and reach to Kohat adda. Then you may take taxi service or local transport and from ring road then follow either Siphon canal (Umar Gul road) or Hayatabad to reach to ICP. But if you coming by personal transport you may take siphon canal (Umar gul road) road ahead to Kohat adda to avoid traffic jam and reach to ring road and by above mentioned two routes can reach to ICP.