Arabic Courses

Courses offered:       B.S, M.A, M.Phil leading to Ph.D & Ph.D

Course Description: Arabic grammar( Morphology & Syntax) , Rhetoric, Criticism, Lexicology,Phonology & Intonation, History of Arabic Literature,Linguistics, Philology,Science of Accents&Dialects,Classical/Modern/Comparative &Islamic Literature,Research Methodology& Art of Translation etc.

Course Duration:   B.S (8 semesters), M.A (2 years), M.S/M.Phil  (2 years), Ph.D  (3 years)

Course Eligibility: For B.S (F.A or equivalent),  For M.A (B.A or equivalent) , For M.S/M.Phil (M.A or equivalent) , For Ph.D (M.S/M.Phil).