Scheme of Study ( MPhil and PhD )

M.Phil/Ph.D in Statistics:  

The M.Phil/Ph.D. in Statistics at the Department of Statistics, Islamia College University involves fundamental grounding in both statistical theory and methodology, along with electives that tailor students' programs to their particular interdisciplinary interests. An M.Phil/Ph.D. Dissertation, representing an original, substantive advance in the theory, methodology, and/or practice of statistics, completes the program of study.  

Courses: Revised and proposed courses as required under the revised statutes and regulations relating to M.Phil/Ph.D Degree in Statistics


Course No.                                          Title                                                Credit Hours


STAT-701                    Data Processing and Computer Programming                          3

STAT-702                    Logical Reasoning and Social Research Methods                      3

STAT-703                    Theory of Linear Model                                                          3

STAT-704                    Measure Theory                                                                    3



STAT-711                    Statistical Inference                                                                 3

STAT-712                    Advance Experimental Designs                                                 3

STAT-713                    Regression Analysis                                                                 3

STAT-714                    Applied Multivariate Analysis                                                     3

STAT-715                    Survey Sampling                                                                      3

STAT-716                    Categorical Data Analysis                                                          3

STAT-717                    Survival Data Analysis                                                               3

STAT-718                    Applied Stochastic Models                                                          3

STAT-719                    Modeling and Simulation                                                            3

STAT-720                    Spatial Data Analysis                                                                 3

STAT-721                    Operation Research                                                                   3

STAT-722                    Ecological Statistics                                                                   3

STAT-723                    Discrete Event Simulation                                                          3

STAT-724                    Advance Programming                                                              3

STAT-725                    Visual Basic Oracle                                                                   3

STAT-726                    Statistical Quality Control                                                          4

STAT-727                    Computational Statistics                                                            4

STAT-801                    Robust Statistics                                                                       3

STAT-802                    Time series Analysis and Forecasting                                         3

STAT-803                    Advance Econometrics                                                              4

STAT-804                    Advance Statistical Theory                                                        4

STAT-805                    Performance Modeling                                                              4

STAT-806                    Statistical Signal Processing                                                      4