Vision & Mission


To be the leading department of the regional universities that provides the key theoretical, analytical, applied and research based knowledge of the subject area to the students in order to motivate them understand local & international issues and subject phenomenon and enable them address these issues through quality research, playing their role as catalyst in the economic progress and development of the country in general and of the region in particular.


  • To promote friendly and conducive environment for imparting knowledge of the subject area
  • To assist the students expand their intellectual horizons, equipping them with analytical and innovative skills.
  • To provide sound knowledge in theory and its application of the basic subject, creating awareness about the contemporary issues of the subject area
  • To provide expertise both in quantitative as well as qualitative research to the students fruitful in finding local economic solutions to the prevailing economic problems.
  • To help and facilitate the students in enhancing their interpersonal communication skills, leadership qualities and team work spirit.