Minimum Criteria for Admission in MPhil and PhD Programs

All the students must meet the following criteria (HEC) for MPhil and PhD Programs.

MPhil Program:

1.   Sixteen years of schooling or 4 year education (124 credit hours) after HSSC/F.A. /F.Sc/Grade12 equivalent is required for admission in MPhil.

  • The GAT-General conducted by the National Testing Service with a minimum 50% cumulative score will be required at the time of admission to MPhil/M.S. The GAT-General test is valid for a period of two years.
  • For award of MPhil degree, candidates will either need to complete 24 credit hours of course work along with a minimum of 6 credit hours for research work/thesis.

PhD Programme:

Admission requirement:

  • For admission into the PhD minimum CGPA 3.0 (out of 4.0 in the Semester System) or First Division (in the Annual System) in MPhil degree is required.

Subject Test:

  • A subject test conducted by the National Testing Service (NTS) or ETS, USA in the area of specialization chosen at the PhD level must be cleared prior to admission for the PhD Program.

a. In the case of GAT Subject test a minimum of 60% marks is required to pass the test. b. In the case GRE subject test, the minimum score will be acceptable as follows:

I. 45% Percentile Score: Valid for Admissions until December 31, 2010
II. 50% Percentile Score: Valid for Admissions until December 31, 2011.
III. 60% Percentile Score: Valid for Admissions thereafter.

c. If the Test is not available in NTS subject list, then a University Committee will conduct the Test at par with GRE Subject Test and qualifying score for this will be 70% score.

Course Work:

  • Course work of 18 credit hours preferably in the first year is required to be completed and followed by a comprehensive examination for granting candidacy as PhD researcher.

Foreign Expert Evaluation:

  • The Ph.D. Dissertation must be evaluated by at least two Ph.D. experts from technologically/academically advanced foreign countries in addition to local Committee members.

Open Defense

  • An open defense of Dissertation is essential part of PhD Program after positive evaluation.

Research Paper:

  • Publication of at least one research paper based on the PhD research in an HEC approved “X” category journal is a requirement for the award of Ph.D. degree (“Y” in case of Social Sciences only).

Plagiarism Test:

  • The Plagiarism Test must be conducted on the Dissertation before its submission to the two foreign experts, as described below.

Copy of PhD Dissertation to HEC:

  • A copy of Ph.D. Dissertation (both hard and soft) must be submitted to HEC for record in Ph.D. Country Directory and for attestation of the PhD degree by the HEC in future.