DSA Fiannacial Aid / Loan to the Students

Dated: 2015-10-28

  • The USAID Programmes provided Rs.17.63 Million as financial Aid for 411 IDP’s students of ICP belonging to Malakand Division and after including the names of missing students with the permission of Vice-Chancellor the funds were distributed adjusted against 511 students. A team of USAID & HEC visited ICP on 21.12.2010 and approved the utilization of aforesaid funds as under:
  • Amount paid to 77 students who leftover the University: Rs.1.102 Million.
  • Amount adjusted against the fee of 68 students studying in University: Rs.2.057 Million.
  • The balance amount against 395 research students is deposited in University exchequer in the form of endowment will be utilized as under:
  • Rs.1.5 Million is distributed among 23 research scholars during the session 2011-2012 who are registered in MS leading to Ph.D Program.
  • Rs.2.5 Million will be distributed as scholarship amongst the fifteen new research scholars and the seven leftover candidates during the session 2012-2013 and the same process will be continued in the future by adding more funds in this endowment form other sources.
  • The Management of Own A Student project (NGO) provided Rs.3,66000/- as financial Aid to the 10 IDP’s students of ICP for which the MOU signing ceremony was held on 14.03.2011 in Islamia College Peshawar.
  • The Education Foundation Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provided scholarship for 20 students @36000 for two years.
  • The National Bank University Campus provided loan to (60) students in the session 2010 and the same scheme was continued for the last two years.
  • DIYA Foundation Rawalpindi has sent the Checque amounting to Rs.1.1 Million as loan to 270 students for which the distribution ceremony will be held after 5th, September 2012.