The far-fetched purpose of the learned Sir Sahibzada Abdul Qayum Khan beyond the establishment of this grand institution was not to encage the falcons to let them rasp like PIGEONS or to achieve the governmental jobs as their soul aim but the goal was to provide opportunities to the settlers of N.W.F.P to realize their abilities and strength; so that their vision might be dug deeper into the field of politics and that, they could judge the norms and values of different entities to pave the way for a better flight in their future.

The foremost aims and objectives of this historical and well-known institution is to generate the hidden potentials into the all-round development of the students in order to endow them with charismatic approaches so that they may possess the Excellency of their physical and mental abilities for executing various obligations in their life matters.

Besides these, the institution has a deep sense for the students’ adaptabilities towards various positions in their practical life so that they may bring into harness their molded and comprehensive personality in the form of using their imaginative power, expression of thoughts, self-reliance, personal dignity, dedication for services, social responsibilities, basic skills, technical expertise, propelling to dexterity, positive tendencies for hard work, qualities of leadership, personal integrity, acceptance of challenges for higher knowledge, essence for tolerance, grip for justice, strong feeling for others feelings, sympathetic behavior, stream of positive conscience, interpersonal skills, critical thinking, decision making, self-awareness, coping with stress, communication skill, creative thinking and problem solving.

Since Islamia College has been upgraded into Islamia College University, it is also expected that the present status of the school may be raised to Higher Secondary School functioning on the pattern of Cadet College (from 8th to 12th Classes) the idea is about to be completed till 2012 during the platinum jubilee celebration of the school.

In order to give proper impulse to this vision Sir Sahibzada Complex has been added with their new blocks. The one comprising of 4 Classrooms a library has been completed by BOT. Another block comprising 8-Classrooms, four offices and a hall from schools own resources are almost in finishing stage. However to bear the load of Higher Secondary Classes, the school will need an additional block comprising 8 to 10 classrooms. By raising the status of school into Higher Secondary, the school will also need an additional hostel to accommodate 250 students or the present hostels will be renovated to increase its capacity.

Admission will be strictly banned in all other classes. Entry test will be conducted for the students and only talented students will be selected for the level of class 8. A combined teaching programme for both school and college levels may be started on the burden on the finance of the University.