Mission and Vision
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The Centre, which will be part of a higher education system, would stress on producing skilled MS/M.Phil./Ph.D and Post Doctoral research scholars who after absorbed as useful members of the society would work for the preservation and promotion of tangible and non-tangible cultural heritage of the country. This will not only ensure the positive image of the people but also add to the promotion of foreign exchange by attracting scholars, students and tourists from all over the places from in and abroad.
The GSC will enhance and impart quality education and provide skilled personnel to the society. It will also create awareness among the masses to preserve our rich tangible and non-tangible cultural heritage on one hand and the spirit of promoting research and dissiminating knowledge on the other.
The Centre will work in its true letter and spirit to promote knowledge at an advanced level and involve and train national and international researchers in scholistic activities to achieve their full academic potential and making them more refined and confident to take an active part in their social life.


After the formation of Gandhara Study Centre and to compete with national and international institutions, there would be massive challenges concerning academic developments, capacity building and human resource developments as well as enhancement of the infrastructure that need to be tackled and overcome for the betterment of our cultural heritage and for the promotion of education that the GSC meant to be.

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