It is proposed that the Centre may be initially established in the first floor of the Khyber Union Hall but will ultimately need, in future, its own premises with all facilities and resources and will consists of offices, reading rooms, research labs, a museum and a well-established library.

Classrooms and offices

Before allocating or construction of its own building, the academic programme of the Centre will be run in the existing infrastructure i.e. the first floor of the Khyber Union Hall.


Library is an essential and integral part of any educational institution. Therefore, the Centre will have its own library which will be accessible to scholars and researchers for reference or borrowing. There is a hope to receive a good collection of books from our retired or families of our deceased professors whose corpuses consists of some rare books on Gandhāra Civilization. Initially the library will be established in one of the rooms in the first floor of the Khyber Union Hall.


Museum is not only a place which care for collection of objects but it gives the opportunities to have a direct contact between the visitors and their past and bring them close to the things they only heard about. It is also not only meant for preserving objects and materials of cultural, religious and historical significance but its role is to present them to the public for the purpose of education, learning and enjoyment. The premises of the museum will be used as a veritable centre of research of the GSC.

Human Resource/Manpower

The Centre would be the first of its kind in the country and we wish to see it up to the mark in teaching, research and publication. This will only depends on the availability of qualified human resource. To launch with, initially the Centre require the following manpower: