Academic achievements and developments

Research activities at the Centre will be carried out and dissemination of the results will be propagated through publications, conferences, seminars, public lectures and through print and electronic media. Academic links with nationals and international organisations will be developed. In the first instance, the Centre foresees academic links with Cambridge University, UK, Peking University, China, and the University Science Malaysia, Malaysia. Post-doctoral student from Thaiwan and a Ph.D. student from Peking University have already shown their interest to be enrolled and pursue their advance research in GSC in the years 2018 and 2019.

For training of staff and research students, the Centre will have the capacity to carryout field oriented activities. In this regard the Centre envisage to start with the study of understanding the cultural profile of Islamia College which seems overlapping on an ancient Buddhist monastery.

National and International conferences, seminars and workshops will be arranged giving opportunities to the research students and scholars to explore new horizons in archaeological and other scoicial sciences researche and to share information pertaining to the subject jointly with the international experts. Under the aegis of the proposed Centre, there is a plan to organise an international conference, in December 2018, on the topic “Archaeology, Silk Route and CPEC”.