Vision & Mission

Dated: 2015-10-28

Vision & Mission
Strive to be a Leading Business Management Department having excellence in developing responsible leaders, equipped with business management professionalism that is to be reckoned with even across national boundaries. Earn recognition and reputation of competency and innovation in teaching, learning, and research, having local focus with international orientations, sharpening student’s skills relevant to fast changing world with strong sense of social responsibility, immediacy and action inspired with national colors.



  • To develop business professionals endowed with the spirit of socio- moral responsibility, immediacy and action that is ready to succeed in fast changing inter-connected world.
  • Maximize connectivity between learning and teaching across disciplines, genuine research and corporate engagement.
  • Developing and producing our student’s intake in to entrepreneurs and employable managers ready to be absorbed across national and international organizations. This shall be done through excelling in establishing connectivity in teaching and learning connectivity, and maintaining sustained and mutually beneficial relationship with corporate world.
  • Strive to enhance quality in faculty, students, infrastructure, curriculum and the technology through making optimum use of available resources, establishing linkages with international but relevant academia and researchers.
  • Promoting culture of inter-discipline and inter- culture harmony by inculcating spirit of tolerance, accommodation and dialogue blend with the colors of responsibility and integrity.