Chairman Message

Welcome to the Department of Management Sciences, a place where you will become a part of a dynamic and capable group of people. In just over 8 years, Department of Management Sciences has emerged as a leading centre of excellence in Islamia College Peshawar.
The programs at the Department of Management Sciences are geared towards meeting the needs of rapidly changing market requirements. The tremendous changes occurring in industry at the dawn of the 21stcentury call for a new approach in dealing with a diverse array of issues, and education institutions lie at the heart of dealing with these changes and developments. Here at the Department of Management Sciences, we are committed to enhance the educational standards of the country and equipping our students with the knowledge and practical skills to meet the challenges of the new era.
Our foreign and local qualified faculty is equipped with the necessary modern day skills to ensure that our graduates are the most competitive candidates meeting market needs. Our graduates are known for their academic excellence and are serving in the best local and foreign institutions in the country.
Dr. Shahid Jan Kakakhel